No VCA, Why not?

This has been going through my mind so I thought I’d ask here.
So instead of using an envelope/VCA to get a super fast attack on your oscillator,
could it be possible to have an oscillator that will “turn on” with a positive going edge when a key is pressed, instead of always being “on” ?

Braids has built-in envelope/vca capability. Bees-theTrees modified firmware for Braids extends this capability, and also allows the FM CV input to be used as a plain VCA with an external envelope (or gate).

@jizzmaster: tides has a built-in virtual vca. its level cv input behaves exactly as you describe when fed with a kb gate signal. and with all its waveshaping capabilities and pll mode, it’s one of the best oscillators out there.

also, with an analog vco’s pulse wave, you could set the pulsewidth to 100%, so it becomes inaudible, and send the inverted kb gate signal into its pw cv input to make it audible…
[edit:] or more straightforwardly, set the pw to 0% and feed your kb gate signal straight into the pw cv input. (note to self: shouldn’t post that early in the morning, with all kinds of nightly inversions still in my head. :slight_smile: ) [/edit]

Don’t want to sound like a troll… but it’s called modular for a reason. The more stuff you have on a module, the less modular it gets. Also, the interface get’s more and mord cumbersome to use…

digital ⇒ polymorphic

as i already said: any simple analog pulse vco that allows to set pw = 0% can behave like this. nothing special really.

Ah cool .
Stuff to try now thanks.