No sound

Hi everybody

I have no sound with my shruthi.
I probe the circuit with an audio jack connected on bass guitar amp (i’ve not a mixer/amp) et have no sound at all the points

Any idea


Do you have power?
Does midi work?
Does the display work?
If yes to all of the above, post pictures of the board.

The lcd screen works, the 3th et 7th led are lit
How to know if Midi works

Send a MIDI note message from a keyboard/computer and check that a note icon is displayed in the corner of the screen.

Ok. i have note on screen and sounds when i play wjth midi controller, but nothing when i only connect shruthi in sound card.

Hmmm, I am not sure there is a problem then… The Shruthi is a MIDI synth, it only makes sound when it receives MIDI note messages. It is not meant to be used without a controller.

ok:) I’m completely nuts
Thanks You both for your help

You can turn the env2 to vca off in the mod matrix (mod 9) and have a drone box. That would require no midi. Or send the test note by holding down the first button on the left for a long time. You can then use the sequencer. However, typing in the sequencer notes with the midi keyboard is much faster. :slight_smile:
Make sure to read the manual.