No sound output

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I have quiet the same probleme. I have checked the alim, the 68K, 68 and 6.8 too ; everything is good.

I have 0 volt on pin 1 of IC3 for 0 or 127 of cutoff. I don’t know the next step.
Can you tell me where to look at please ?

Pin 1 is supposed to be the oscillators output. It carries an audio signal, so measuring the voltage is meaningless; and the signal is not supposed to change when you sweep cutoff. Are you sure you are triggering a note when check the signal at this point?

Ooops no… I thought it was like the alim, no need of note…

I’ll try this evening. Do I have to select a specific patch?

No, just boot the unit.

OR make a specific note?

Ok thanks. I’ll give you the answer later. Thanks a lot for your quick answer.

Still have 0 volt on pin 1 of IC3 even if I move the cutoff.

I’m going to ckeck my solder joint around IC3.