No sound from synth but drums is ok?

Control board…

Were you almost out of solder or something? I would start with completely resoldering both boards and put about three times as much solder on all the joints.

The solder blobs should look like small volcanoes around the pins. These look far too dry so it’s not unthinkable that some pins have poor to no contact with the PCB.

Also you have to solder the anchoring pins of the pots, switches etc… on the control board.


I’d say a good 20% of these solder joints do not bring any electrical contact.

Do I need to remove the IC 's when I resolder the board or I can let them sit in the sockets?

Take them out just to be safe.

Ok! Better safe than sorry…! I will resolder everything after work today.

@klingan Maybe this comic might be helpful for you. :slight_smile:

Hi there!
Resoldered almost everything and it now seems to work like a charm! So embarrassed taking your precious time to help me. Is eternally grateful, however, for the great support here and I have learned a lesson for future projects. Now it will be really fun to get to know this little fellow with so many beautiful sound!

THANK YOU ALL once again!

Thanks also to Mutable Instruments for a very thorough kit. Nothing was missing and the documents on the website was beyond expectations!

I just hope my own contributions will be slightly better next time…! :wink:

We all had to learn sometime - don’t be embarrassed about your first build !

And you didn’t fry anything, right ?

Congratulations! I think we are all happy when a new unit comes to life somewhere. I always get a little bit of the same feeling from it when i get when a new one comes to life for the first time on my own bench.

Nope, nothing fried!