No sound from my Plaits (Solved: im dumb)

Hey all, made this account to post about my problem. Sorry if its been answered before, couldn’t find any info.

Just got my plaits in from Perfect Circuit. Beautiful little module except for one problem, i cant get any sounds from it! Sending a line straight from the OUT jack gives me nearly nothing (extremely faint airy signal which is not affected by shifting the freq, let alone anything else), and running it through a vca with envelope only gives me faint clipping when the gate is engaged. Am I completely missing something here? Have tried to run it as simply as possible with only vOct from the beatstep and then a line running out. Did I just get a dud? Not a problem if I did, just wanna make sure I’m not being dumb here.

Thanks for reading!

Are there any LEDs lighting up?

Could be that the module does not receive -12V because of a defective power cable – hence no sound.

Everything is lighting up and looks like it should be working as expected. Im getting a pulsing green LED at the top and a red LED at the bottom.

Then I’m 100% sure your module doesn’t receive -12V.

The digital side of the module is only powered by +12V and works. But because the module does not receive -12V, not only the output amplifier doesn’t receive power (no sound on the outputs), but all CVs are positively offset (that’s why the module plays the last model even if the first model is selected).

Check the power cable or your power supply.

WELP I was just being a dummy as usual. Module works fine, lol.

It seems when I racked it in the skiff, the ribbon cable came halfway out

Thanks SO much for taking the time to reply, sorry it turned out to be such a non-issue. :grimacing:

You do amazing work, time to go enjoy this latest offering!