No sound and strange voltage

Hello. My controller board is finally working but there is still no sound.
Is there any way to check if MIDI signal is coming in?
One more thing. I’ve checked all voltages when I made the power supply and it was all as it should be. Now, when I completed the board everything is ok except the TL074P (IC3): it reads -3.7V where it should be +5. Everything else seems ok.

You should see a blinking note symbol when the Shruthi receives a MIDI note. It is shown for a very short moment so press a key several times to be sure to see it. You also see other status symbols on the LCD when using the pitch bender or the modwheel.

Once you have confirmed you have MIDI, the best way to solve filter-board related problems is to trace where the audio path is broken by directly “probing” the board with a wire connected to the tip of a jack connector connected to your mixer (work with a very low gain to avoid damaging your ears or speakers!).

Solved. It was badly soldered Vcc+ leg of tl074. Thank you.