No more sound after firmware update 0.96

I updated my shruthi to 0.96 firmare (version I already had I guess) with C6 to send the Sysex file. Everything happened as it says in manual reference, but now I don’t have any sounds out the shruthi while it receives midi signal. I tried with both init and patch programs which were working before.
If anyone had this issu…

What filter board is installed? Have you selected the proper filter in the system menu?

Do you see the note icon or any other MIDI reception signals? Which MIDI channel is the Shruthi set to?

Is something to set or reset after firmware update ?

When you first power up, it says .96? All menu’s are there? Verify that you still have the proper MIDI channel set in the global menu. Make sure your midi controller/daw is sending to the proper channel.

@ pichenettes. Yes Isee the icon of midi reception signal. Shruthi is set to MIDI channel 1
@ Titus. SMR-4 filter board. lpf is selected in system menu

Is the volume up on whatever it is plugged into (mixer, audio interface, etc)? Your audio cable is plugged into the Audio Out and not In? (ive made that mistake before)

@ qp. everything is set correctly in daw and the shtuthi recognize the .96 version and menu are ok

@qp. Yes I also check that at first? cable, mixer…

Check the boards. It’s not impossible for a connection to break.

Did you try the test note?

@herrprof. Yes I just did but still no sound

@6581punk. I know but it was working the minute before I updated so I don’t think the problem comes from the board. What do you mean by check the board, you talk about testing it to check the value, cause unfortunatly I don’t have this machine at home… I hope it’s settings pb…

Did you try plugging the audio cable into another device to see if it’s not outside of the Shruthi? Try sending an audio signal through the shruhti input? Try resending the firmware update? Try psychic magick

@qp. I’m just reading a book about Throbbing Gristtle… nice coincidence. I alreday tried to re send the firmware and I’ll try sending an audio signal through the shruhti input.

Could you post all the settings shown on the system settings pages?

Nobody had this issue before ? I feel it’s just a parameter not adjusted correctly

Make sure the CV settings are correct. 4cv is the default I think.