No midi in shruthi [solved]

So i am already building my second shruthi but i dont have midi in.
Midi out seq works and test tone works.
Any pointers where to look at?

Soldering on anything from midi socket to ATMega?

what do you mean?

I mean that you should look at every solder joint between the midi in jack, the optoisolator (8pin chip near jack) and the ATMega (40 pin chip). Also anything in between those - It is almost certain to turn out to be a soldering connection that looks solid, but is not :slight_smile:

Check if the 6N137 is inserted correctly.

Checked the 6n137
Mine has 2 dots on both side so i fliped in around and now it works… Silly problem

But thx allot of course

So after al seems right i now constansly have the ~ logo in screen. My shruthi sometimes changing paraments out of him self while i do nothing on midi.

What kind of controller is connected to the Shruthi MIDI in? It looks like it is continuously spitting CCs!

its controlled by my nord lead 2x but now its already ok… Maybe a bad day?
i didnt do anything but it is solved now again