No LEDs and shruthi screen not working

I’ve had the shruthi for awhile and put the bandpass mod in and then took it out. My screen looks all wacky and my LEDs are not lighting up…I tried redoing visible solders but just cannot seem to solve this problem…I miss my shruthi :frowning:

Did you check the voltages?

Yea they all seem to be ok

Could you post Pictures of both sides of both boards?
Does it still make sound?

I have a problem with my shruthi 1, when I turn it on all the pixels on the screen lit up and all the LEDs also. I think it´s the memory, but I´m not shure. What do I hace to change. Any ideas?

@lazca … Maybe it’s better to start your own thread to keep things clear.

It does not make sound and I’m not sure how to Marie I pictures on here