No drum sound, open connection?

Hello, I finished building my Anushri. I skipped the vertical 1/8" jacks because the part was out of stock. However, now I can’t hear any drums output from the main audio jack. Do I need to bridge a connection on the control board that is open due to the lack of drum out 1/8" jack? If so, what pads do I need to connect?

You need to bridge:

  • Pad 2 & 3 of J12 (for the DCO/Sub to work)
  • Pad 2 & 3 of J8 (for the PWM to work)
  • Pad 2 & 3 of J11 (for the drum section to work)

Pad 1 is the grounded one, pads 2 and 3 are the two other :slight_smile: