No Cursor on Save Page with Shruthi v0.98

When I am trying to save a patch, there is no visible cursor. I am running v0.98 on a stock Shruthi Yellow Magic. Anyone else seeing this?

It makes it a pain to enter the name for a patch.

Did you adjust the display contrast?


Looks like the problem has been on all the chips I have sold over the past 2-3 weeks :frowning:

Here is the firmware update file:

I juggle between the versions 1.0 and 0.98 when flashing chips and one file did not get updated correctly.

Thanks! I will give that version a try tonight.

perhaps we ne a third digit in the version numbers, it seams, there are a lot of different 0.98 out there

…or a letter: 0.98b, 0.98c, etc…

This is the wrong solution to the problem.

Thanks again. Now I have the cursor again.

This kind of support from a big synth company? fuggedaboutit!