No Clue w/ Nucleo - Getting started with STM32F4

Hey there,

I got myself a Nucleo-F446RE to dive into embedded DSP. I’ve been circling around this thing, trying to find some starting point, but there’s simply too much going on. Jumping from Reaktor & Arduino to STM32 proved much harder, than I expected.
There’s tons of documents explaining all the bits and pieces of the STM32 MCUs in great detail, but what are the important bits for audio stuff?

Say for example I want to create an analog audio signal “passthrough” aka sending an analog audio signal into one of the ADC inputs, sampling it and sending it back out through one of the DAC outputs.

Which of the pins and features and clocks and settings available in CubeMX do I need to pay attention to? How do I set the sampling rate and buffer size? What about the 12bit ADC/DACs (left aligned? right aligned?)

At least ST now provides an all ine one solution for programming in form of the CubeIDE. But that doesn’t help mucht if I don’t even make it to the C++ part :sweat_smile:

Alright, after hours and hours (and hours!) of digging, I finally found that one video that explains it all :partying_face:

Seriously, this should be an application note!

Anyway, I got my board up and running, but of course it’s all pretty rough and there’s lots of optimisation to do. Here’s a comparison before and after passing a signal through the circuit:

Anyway, at least I can now start looking into Emilie’s Dev environment :slight_smile: