No Bootloader screen


the Encoder Problem was Fixed. It was a bridge @C4 with C8.
the display blocked the view…

So which problems remain now?

:slight_smile: the Filter board makes Sounds like Bassdrum.

Please post recordings of the sounds made by the filter board. It might be that the resonance (Q) output is stuck to +5V.

I can´t upload mp3???
any Idea?

Yes, I cannot host files here. Try soundcloud?

here is the Sound sample :slight_smile:
I can upload without a Account, cool…

The Filter Board Problem seems to be Fixed.
I have after Soldered all the Points from the Filterboard.
Sounds like a Shruti :slight_smile: but a little bit more quietly as the 1nd Shruti we assembled.

All problem fixed?

Many thanks for your help.
I have put the MCU from the 3nd in the 2nd temporary to fix the Problems.
Thus we need one new MCU for the 3nd shruti.