No audio [solved]

Hi everybody,
I build my shruti 2 weeks ago but i couldn’t test it because i left for work. I came back, really happy to finally hear it, and i have no sounds (oooooh :frowning: ). I check the troubleshooting section and probe my circuit with an audio jack connected to a mixer/amp. i can hear the sound in every step untill the 9 (final sound). In one hand it’s a good news but in the other hand it’s really weird because i check the “bridge” solder and it seems good to me.
Is there something i miss?
I read somewhere there is a volume button??? But i didn’t understand where.

thank you all for your help!

There are holes next to the Audio IN/OUT jacks on the PCB to add pots for volume control. If you are not using any, be sure to solder in a jumper wire where indicated at R1 (IN) & R2 (OUT).

EDIT: oh, and after reading your post again, it looks like you did solder the “bridge”. You can generate a “test tone” by holding down S1 for 5 seconds then release. The only way to control volume without a hard wired pot is CC07. If you can hear audio at point 8 but not 9, make sure the R68 is soldered properly. Maybe try and reflow the solder at the resistor as well as the “bridge”.

ok, so it seems good (i’ve already soldered a jumper wire). But no there is no sound. is there something else i should check?

Can’t remember if you need to solder the in and out bridges but figured I’d ask.

The problem could be:

  • The 68R resistor is badly soldered.
  • The bridge is incorrectly positioned and is instead shorting point 9 with ground.
  • A solder blob between point 9 and the adjacent pad is shorting this point with ground.

Use your meter in continuity testing mode and check for a short between point 9 and ground.

Thank you very much pichenettes, it was a blob between the two adjacent pads. now it works fine! let’s make music now!