No Audio coming out of Ambika

Hi guys

I just got an assembled Ambika… I was so excited until I saw there is no audio coming out :frowning: Does anyone know what I gotta do now?
I am using a 9V ac adapter with 1500 ma max. fyi

Thanks in advance.

Can you do the voltage tests as shown in the assembly guide?

Are you sure you have an AC/AC adapter?

I didn’t assemble it myself, so no…

Double check the PSU first.

Symbols on the top will be one of these:

Damn I had a DC adapter. I didn’t use it a lot is that bad? :x

If it is a 4P or SVF, there is a low risk of having damaged some chips inside.

I made the same mistake when I built mine and it was okay. Fingers crossed yours will be.

I’ve got the SMR voicecards, guess it will be fine :slight_smile: