No -8 volt on the blue point?

hey, all other points for the mb are right but on the blue point for the powercheck are only -0.2 volts?
can you help please?

Are you using an AC supply? If yes, please post the voltages on each pin of the 7908.

yes, i using an AC supply. the voltages are 0.2,0.1, and 0.0

Can you post a photo of your assembled board? There might be a problem with one of the diodes having the wrong polarity…

The picture does not show the 2 rectifying diodes (D1 and D2).

What is the voltage on each side of D1?

8.8 on D1
0.8 on D2

I need the voltage on each side of D1.

sorry! on D1:: on the side with the silver ring are 8.9 and on the other side are 0.0

Can you post a photo of your power supply?

Ambika needs an AC supply, not a DC supply like the one you are using.

Its also rated to low with 600mA - if the Ambika would run on DC… can i use this one?

"AC power jack. Use a 9V AC, 1A power source. Higher voltage will cause more heating of the voltage regulators and shorten the lifespan of the module."
So, no, you can’t use that one :confused:

Handy reference:

Wiki link

i make a short test with this one from the pic and all values are good., i think the mb is ok? now iam buying a 9v ac!

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