Nice if you have a Prophet 600

New CPU and OS for the prophet 600
Maybe this is a good idea for more synths?

A really good idea, JX3P/MKS30 would be on my wishlist…

There is a thread on Gearslutz about someone’s progress with the JX10/MKS70.

Thanks for the heads-up…

There already is a upgrade for jx3p (but not for mks30)

Ironically I went to power up my prophet 600 and the EPROM was missing its label and it went blank. I am ordering the above mentioned CPU upgrade.

@soup That and the norwegian rom upgrade have always seemed a bit much to pull the trigger on, but something with an ATMega would be dandy…

There’s a ton of virtual analogs out there that could be reprogrammed to do something much better.

Plus if your MP3 player sucks then there’s Rock Box:

I really wonder why more of these almost disposable pieces of technology aren’t improved more often.

Because the DSP devkits for them costs $$$$$. Not exactly something an hobbyist could get into easily… and if you are good at it, your time is probably taken up doing it for a living.