Next Shruthi special edition release?

I saw on the news page for the release of the Midnight edition that a goal for 2014 was to release a full special edition kit each quarter. I know it might be a closely guarded secret (in which case I’ll keep my nose out of it), but could we get a hint as to which special edition was next up? Might help in planning what to go for next and whether to wait or not.


Huuhhh I’ll think about it once the stock of midnight editions will reach 0.

Wild uninformed guess but i think it will contain some other Filter than the SMR-4 . . .

Polyvoks East(er) Edition with pink fur case! (aka pink Easter poly) :slight_smile:

Dual SVF Yellow Magic hopefully :slight_smile:

Didnt we see a DSVF edition recently??

Yeah, but not with a lofi delay?

There’s no room for two filters and a lofi delay on a single filter board!

I think you can’t cram the 4 additional chips for the delay on a DSVF filter board - simply not enough real estate there. But i have a top tip for you: route the DSVF Audio out to a YM Audio in :wink:

Boards can be bigger for an XT though? But I get your point, it was the first thing that appeared into my head :slight_smile:

Some other analogue FX perhaps? overdrive? although there’s not room for a tube :wink: plus the crazy voltages required.

I guess theres no point designing a DSVF Delay board specifically for the XT as there are only 100 XTs out there - and you need to find a way to integrate a 3rd UI page in the Firmware.
But i guess if you do such a board Olvier would take care of the Firmware side somehow :wink:

Was on about the new XT not your kit? is there 100 new XTs out there yet? Since the new control board is wider the filter board can be just as wide? (unless I’m missing something other than breaking compatibility with older smaller Shruthis).

It would be priced higher than the current XT - not sure there’ll be lots of demand. Many people buy a special edition as their second or third Shruthi because of the relatively low price…

Also, the “3rd UI page” (and more accurately: the amount of stuff that can be controlled from the control board through additional CV I/O) is a genuine limitation.

I getcha now :slight_smile:

So needs to be two filters or 1 filter and a FX chip.

DSP Redux! Olivier revisits the code on this one for some new FX and figures out a way to keep that volume from dropping when resonance is used!

In computers the solution to all these silly hardware limitations is to go for vitualization…

I can see it now “New Cloud Synthesiser”. A MIDI control panel and keyboard that sends your MIDI events over to a server where your music is rendered in real time and streamed back to you.

Thanks for the quick response, I’m looking forward to whatever you decide on in the future. 4PM would be pretty cool to see as a full kit again!

4PM was never a full kit? it was a partial kit of boards, ICs and case?