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The guy in this preview (Herb Deutsch) sounds pretty cool, however, I have difficulty comprehending if this prototype is more than the next moog mono with a slighly adapted filter. In other words, it does not look or sound like an analog Animoog or something really new to me… What do you think?

Sounds like a new moog! a model to put in between the minimoog and the little phatty.
Did you see this ? and the rumour of a new MS20?

new moog sounds like an oxymoron.

maybe they will call it the new oxymoog?

I bet it has saw, square and pwm from whooping 2 Oscillators. And 2 Envelopes. And a 24db Filter and other things that are totally new. At least to Moog Afficionados.

It looks like the first Moog synth to roll out since Bob passed that is not remake of an old synth. I’m excited to see it, but the feature set is so basic and run of the mill. The only “feature” is the multidrive filter. Interesting, but, meh. Good to see Herbert playing with a Moog prototype though.


And of course it will be damn expensive…as usual. Don’t get me wrong, i really like moog basses as basic “balls” of a track. But i alway get the feeling that moog synths are promoted as the Rolls Royce of the synthesizer and you shure have to pay the frigging name :frowning:

I am pretty sure that it will have quite an aggressive price tag

How do you come to that conclusion regarding the prices of a Minimoog Voyager ? I am not talking about toys like the minitaur.
By the look this new baby might be one class down of a Voyager, and this priceclass is not known for being aggressively priced. And i do not believe that Moog will be here the one to start a price battle. As Olivier mentioned, Moog is very conservative (about everything) and i agree to that…

lol. “toys”.

aren’t they all toys at the end of the day?

I expect this thing to be less expensive than a Little Phatty … so with more features and more knobs this would indeed be a little more aggressively priced than the ususal Moog stuff.

In this case i hope you will be right…but i am still a bit more pessimistic about that.

You shouldn’t be! :slight_smile:

I wonder when they will come up with an update or a successor to the voyager - people were speculating that this is about to happen when they stopped the Select program… Also compared to the phatty one would think that a few modifications (USB port) wouldn’t harm…

Re the pricing I think discussions are pretty pointless - as long as there are customers who appreciate the (actual or perceived) quality anyone should keep doing whatever they are doing. Why should this be different for Moog or Buchla than for any Swiss watchmaker or … ?

Or anything else. This is probably good for another thread but my son, who is 15, has been looking for a vintage analog(ue) synth, for no reason other than he wants something vintage and analog. Synths that, back when they were released I would not have considered, have become sought after, and I can’t figure out why. Realistic MG-1, Arp Pro Soloist, later stuff from Sequential, Yamaha CS-50, smaller Rolands (even the Junos didn’t impress me) and lots of others were considered second or even third tier back then but are now going for ridiculous prices.

I’ve never been a Moog fan, other than the modulars and the MultiMoog. I always thought they were limited in sound potential and over-priced, even back in the 70s. That so-called huge bass is way over-rated, again my opinion. If I want thick bass, I’ll layer two Shruthis. I think the Mutable stuff is great, but quality has little to do with value. We need to create some sort of Shruthi or Mutable legend, so that Olivier’s instruments become highly collectable someday. The Shruthi-1 is the new Oberheim Synthesizer Expander Module!

The Ambika is both the new Prophet 5 and PPG Wave :slight_smile:

At a reasonable price, not to forget !

You cannot compare the price of a DIY synth with an industrial manufactured instrument. There are so many aspects in a “comercial product” that add up to the price. if there were a DYI Moog, it could a lot cheaper, and I mean a lot.