Next batch of smr4 voicecard for ambika, availability?

I thought i read somewhere on the forum that there will be a next batch of smr4 voicecard for the ambika for the end of january, but i’m not sure if it’s true or just a dream.
does anyone knows more about it?

i’m asking because i’m hesitating to buy 2 4pole voicecards when the shop will reopen or waiting for the next batch of smr4
thank you.

The PCBs will be shipped the 7 ; on the store around the 10th.

Great, thanx for the info pichenettes, perfect as usual!

[edit] parts ordered for my 3 missing smr4 voicecards, oh yeah!

MI Shop finally open… ill wait a couple of days before ordering my ambika + 3 smr4, when this voice card is available again. Thanks for the info Oliver.


Waiting in line too for the smr4 voicecards :wink:

Oh yeah! Ordered, waiting for my friend mr collissimo now :wink: