News Songs, new Band all the synth made with shruthi

How Much For Love

About a $1 million if that tune is anything to go by! Love is priceless of course :wink: Just superb, I really love it. My kind of music, thanks for sharing. Want more :slight_smile:

edit: ahhhh - it’s not for sale :slight_smile:

tks a lot !

next is coming soon

All for love of course!
Très cool!


Love it!
I think the Shruthi-1 is really put to good use here!
Do you have more than one shruthi, or is it all done by layering?

Tks ! Yes it’s just one shruthi-1 layering for now, but actually the limitation help us finding good ideas !

yes limitations are what drives creativity most of the time! Though one never has enough shruthis :slight_smile:
btw. which filterboard are you using on the shruthi?

<3 < 3 <3


I’m using the SMR4, which kills by the way, and I’m planning to get the IR3109 soon, though !

…and the polivoks for sure

A new song !

Look Around

Love it!

Great stuff!


Yum! Nice pop song. Need to listen again.

The 3d

Another Boy

Let me know guys

I’d buy that album!

More tasty goodness. I have to agree with fcd72 - when is the album out? CD please!

Tks a lot
I hope very soon !