News on oled displays?

Hello at all!
Last time i build a shruthi i searched and ask about a red oled screen to fit under the case, without cutting the “window” of the box.

I wanna know if now a red one exist or not now

I am very very interested about seeing pics of that if anyone do it!

By the way i am working on a new order of component at Reichelt and the other for Some little things i have to do, so if anyone need something in france or around, this may be a good time do have the one that miss you … bye at all

You’re still out of luck on the red ones :frowning:
I found the Newhavens in blue, green and yellow at Digi-Key and Mouser. Looking at Actron AG I found white ones, which i guess could be filtered into any color. Then we also have some green, yellow and amber ones at

I didn’t have time for more Google-fu, but Densitron also has white and yellow character OLEDs. Don’t know if they sell directly to end-customers…

hum thanks!

-to flo :
So do i (oled display to avoid cutting a window for the display)
in red oled i found this :

-to jojjelito :
but what about a red old behind a red window (for a red polivoks version) ? in fact, shouldn’t a white one looks better behind a red window ?
does anybody have experience with oled display behavior behind a colored window ?

That display has the wrong connector. It has an 8x2 instead of a 16x1 connector. The Shruthi-1 display is fixed in place with the soldered connector. With that display you would need to fix the display to the case and create a cable to wire it to the PCB.

you are right.
this model from OSD Displays should fit better, but no availability…

how oled looks under acrylic board :

To be fair, raystar have a financial interest in making OLEDs looking better -> which is why the regular lcd with backlight wasn’t black with yellow text, like the OLED, and why they didn’t even show the VFD, since VFDs easily would perform as well a OLED in those circumstances, if not better…

…plus they showed the VFD in the top shot without a standard green filter, which would have upped the contrast significantly…

All, I can confirm that the red on black Winstar OLED I got from Rapid is indeed OK. The picture shown on the Rapid web page shows a 2x8 connector, but the 36x80x10mm modules come with a 1x16 connector and the bezel is the normal size.

Red on black: 57-2318

White on black: 57-2314

Red on black and blue on black is out of stock, but there will be more in due time.
Blue, yellow and green on black from Newhaven are available at Digi-key and Mouser, Reichelt has another suitable white on black from Electronic Assembly.

Picture of the yellow on black Newhaven in this thread:

It’s looking lovely! Better get my ducks in a row and take some pictures then :slight_smile:

@ Jojjelito: Is this the Red on Black OLED you were referring to?

Did you get around to taking some pictures? They currently have that one in stock and I’m thinking of getting it for my soon-to-be-built polivoks board.


Hi Kyle,

Yup, that’s the one! I only took some pictures where I showed it fits. Lemme go get the Polivoks boks and I could snap some more of it, plus shoot a short film of the fast display in action. Nudge me again after the weekend!


Thanks man I appreciate it!

@Jojjelito: Nudge Nudge :wink:

@Kyle: Must get home from the office and then take some pictures :wink: “Developing” them takes a little time too… The camera has a nifty built-in WiFi and there’s some iPad app.

No worries man and no pressure. I understand how hard it is to find the time for these little things… Hell my last Shruthi took me a month and a half to build lol

"Office" means the place you are getting paid for watching GearPørn™ and planning your GearoCalypse™ ?

Haha, I forgot our office camera at home on the kitchen table. I had too much trouble finding my keychain/car keys this morning. Came home last night, a bag with 2 Whoppers in hand and the mobile lodged between my shoulder and cheek. Recipe for disaster if there ever was one.

@fcd72: Office currently means testing of a customer solution. There’s small pockets of dead time every once in a while. Today is “Fettisdagen”, Fat Tuesday so the entire company has a short coffe break at 10:30 eating Semlor

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