Did you load a corrupted patch? send a bad NRPN?

Ooo. A guessing game while Yahoo gets its $*%$ together.

Wait… does the pic show for you?

I can’t see that it shows in FF. At least Safari shows a little blue ?box.

80% sure it was caused by pulling the plug and re-inserting quickly. I guess the 3 second rule only applies to food dropped on the ground. After a few more minutes the third button for envelopes only showed the osc 1 page no matter how many button presses. I just saved the patch and rebooted. It was cool after that. Was getting frequent ! messages all day from both Shrutis. They were down-chain from Shruthi.

Although the Shruti in the middle was doing some weird screen freeze/re-arrange stuff as well. Nothing lasting though.

Do you think the midi modes on the Shrutis might have something to do with it?

I fixed the link. You linked to a flickr page, not to the image itself.

The Shruthi, when set to “full” outputs a lot of NRPN / SysEx that might confuse the Shruti down-chain.

Imma need a new photo host. I think I read about some new policy they’ve adopted whereabouts they don’t allow for direct links anymore. How can I attempt to be amusing, cheeky, and funny with this kinda crap.

Corrupted patch. How does this happen? Is there a remedy?

Does it have to do with patches created before loading custom firmware?

> Does it have to do with patches created before loading custom firmware?

Of course. If you have saved a patch with the old firmware which uses oscillator vowel (oscillator id 10 or 11) and you load it with a firmware that supports only 5 oscillator types, you’ll get crap or crashes.