Newly assembled Shruthi not working


I just finished putting the Shruthi together (after having successfully tested the filter power) and when I tested the control board the wrong LED’s lit up. Then I realised I had the 2 small chips in the wrong place so I swapped them and then other wrong LED’s lit up and the 7805 was very hot.
I then rechecked the soldering on the 8 point and now I have no power reading at all on the filter board =( any suggestions? is there a way to test each component if there is no voltage reading?

Any help appreciated!

What’s the 8 point you speak about?
Maybe you broke one of those small chips when putting them in the wrong locations.
Where exactly do you have no power reading at the filter board?

welcome to the shruthivers.
Well first… The picture of the bottom side is a bit unsharp so i can’t see it very clear but your soldering looks a bit messy. And there seems to be a lot of solder debris all over you board. Even the tiniest piece to the eye invisible part of solder blob or dust can make a short on your board. I think this might have happened on your board.
I suggest you give you board a good clean. I always use a toothbrush for this. You can do it with IPA and this will also clean your flux. If you don’t have IPA you can use water with a bit of soap.
Try not get too much water on the component side. I don’t think there are any parts that can’t stand a bit of water but better to be sure. After this let it dry very well. You can use compressed air to blow it dry or put it in very warm and dry place for al least a few hours.
After this inspect every solder blob on your board if it is not touching with any other one.
When you are sure of this you can hook up your filter board to the power. Also check the voltage of your wall wart. This shouldn’t exceed 12V
Do the regular voltage test in the build description. If you don’t get the right voltages then you can do a voltage test on all the legs of the regulators and report back.

Hey guys, thanks for replying.

Ronski - More specifically I mean the 8 point connector (for connecting the boards). The chips in the wrong places were the 6n137 and the 24lc512. They were placed in correctly, just swapped. I read another forum post where another person had done this and, by swapping them, fixed the problem (with no problems) so I’m hoping they are not damaged. I have no reading in the first test stage of the power for the filter board. At first it was fine but after the problems with the LED’s it now has a 0.00 reading on all test parts of the board unfortunately.

Shiftr - yes, the filter board soldering was not very pretty (the control board is much better). I’ll give it a clean like you suggest and hopefully that will fix the issue.

Thanks again, and I’ll post back after I test.

Oh and you forgot to solder in the ‘bridge’ wires next to the output and input. But this has nothing to do with the problem you have now.

Ahh, so I just bridge the 2 points with the semicircle (holes 2 &3)?