Newbie resistor question

I figured out the “only LED 8 lighting up” thing but, and it’s kinda late in the game to ask this, I’m having some confusion about reading the resistors. How do I know if a resistor is Red Red Black Black (Brown) or Brown Black Black (Red)?



Usually there’s a larger gap between the last two rings on the side with the tolerance ring.


I tend to just measure them with a meter. The colours aren’t easy to see on metal film resistors.

Yups, if i don’t take them from my own supply i always measure them. Easier and faster than decoding.

The last ring is the tolerance. 2% resistors are quite special purpose, there’s very little chance you’ll see one.

Thanks everyone. Looks like I may need to de-solder a few from the first board to check them. I’m getting good at desoldering.


i use to do the mesuring thing, too. but if they are already soldered in, you might save some time if you trie read the rings.

Loderbast, you’re right. My problem was trying to figure out which side to start reading rings from. The rings all seem to be equally spaced.