Newbie questions - Arp hold, LFO1--->LFO2, Reversed EG

Hi everybody!

I recently became the happy owner of an Ambika and have been spending a few days getting to know it now. I have a few beginners questions that I’d be very glad if you could help me answer:

1. Is it possible to get the Ambika to hold keys in the arpeggiator without me holding the keys on a keyboard?

2. Can I somehow patch the different LFO’s to one another so that for example the rate of LFO3 controlling VCA is varied by a sine wave generated by LFO1?

3. How can I reverse the EG curve to a negative value?

Thankful for your help!

1.Yes, with a sustain pedal.

2. Yes, with the “modifiers”. You can multiply one LFO by another and use the result as a new modulation source.

3. Use the modulation matrix. You can patch any EG to any parameter with either a positive or negative amount.

Great, thanks!

Hmm… Can’t seem to get the LFO thing to work. The picture shows what I’m trying to achive. LFO1 changening the frequency of LFO2 over time. Is it possible?

Ah sorry I mixed up “amount” and “rate”. It’s possible with LFO4 - only LFO4 can have its speed modulated by another LFO. I’ll let you figure out why it’s not possible to do it with LFO1, 2, 3 :slight_smile:

Ok, thanks again! I’ll try again and try to figure out why…