Newb questions about setting up my pitch bend and modulation wheels

My shruthi finally sounds awesome, however it does not respond to pitch bend, or modulation wheels on my oxygen49 keyboard.

I read through he manual on setting up modulation sources, but it is still unclear to me. I don’t understand how to get to differnt menus for mod source and mod destination, and for some reason when I am in the mod menu, there it only goes from 1-12 under Mod. The manual show 1-18 for sources, and 1-16 for destinations.

For that matter I’m not really sure I understand the difference between source and destination, I really just want to set up the midi cc for pitch bend to be 33

The Shruthi normally responds to modulation wheel and pitch bend - by default it is assigned to pitch bending/vibrato on almost all patches. I’m not sure what kind of MIDI messages your keyboard is sending (maybe it is configured to send CCs instead of the standard pitch and modulation messages?).

Regarding modulations, there are 12 “patch cables” you can plug from one of the 18 sources to one of the 16 destinations. The first pot selects a cable, the second pot selects the source, the third pot selects the destination. To assign the pitch bend to something, turn the first knob until you have located the cable connecting pitch bend to something (I think it’s usually 10 or 11), select the destination (by default it is pitch) and the modulation amount.

Anybody else not getting pitch bend/modulation straight out of the box?

Also, I’m not sure what you mean by “to set up the midi cc for pitch bend to be 33”. Pitch bend is not transmitted as a CC message.

I’m definately missing something, but pitch bend does not work for me… I’ll try the manual for my keyboard… weird thing is pitch bend does work by default in LMMS

oliver I’m not getting pitch bend. I loaded up a midi monitor program, and it looks like pitch bend message are being sent from my keyboard.

could I have disabled it somehow? All patches are the same, no pitch bend

Please send me a .mid file with a recording of a short sequence, with pitchbend, from your keyboard, I’ll look into this.

The implementation I did follows the MIDI specs and I have tested it on a JX-8p, a Korg nanokontrol, and a Roland PC-300

Mine worked with a blue Yamaha cs-01 right out of the box – they have a nice ledge built in to rest the box on. Its automatically reading the filter/resonace knobs and some assignables. I am having problems using cc:7 volume to control teh vca off an external knob. I was assuming if the wheels are automatically mapped that I should be able to do that. The problem might be at my end. The shruthi is so good it blows the weaker synths out of the mix.

I’ll put together a .mid file when I get back to the east coast, right now I"m on the west coast on business. Can you recommend a frree program for capturing the midi input to a .mid file?