New XT, display stops

My new shruthi display stops after a few seconds when turning on. Video here:
What should i do?

Did you try it while making sound to see if the sound also stops?
It could be your MCU that gets stuck or the display itself.

yep, first see if only LCd stops working or the whole thing, next maybe desolder the caps from the 20MHz crystal, maybe they causing the timing error, once the crystal trips, sometimes code also stops working, this should also affect the music waveforms.

If that doesnt help only use the XT without the filterboards, to detect what is causing the error, if viable maybe use another Atmel chip.

Sounds plays, and it is still responding to MIDI after the display freezes.
Hopefully it isn’t the chip!

Not very likely to be a broken chip then… I’d start by carefully inspecting the solder joints. And check to make sure no part of the display comes in contact with the PCB below.
( What display is this, exactly? )

Probably a bad solder joint on the display connecting to the PCB. Or the display pcb touching the XT PCB.
You can try to insert a little plastic sheet or paper in between the display and the PCB.

I resoldered the display connection, and this solved the issue. Thank you