New user : Clouds acting odd

So, I have Clouds, and I powered it up in my rack and see the Freeze button blinking rapidly. It is a brand new module and I have just started with Eurorack as well so my experience with it is limited.

Pushing the button doesn’t change the behavior at all. Is it broken?

Can you check that the illuminated push-button is not stuck?

Hmmm…new as in “just bought directly from a reputable retailer” or new as in “just bought this…from someone”?

Reason I ask is because the Parasites firmware (which could have been installed by a previous owner) offers reverse grains and is engaged by long pressing the Freeze button. When engaged, the Freeze button flashes continuously as it remains engaged. Long pressing again returns the grains to their normal direction. Worth a shot…

New, from a reputable dealer … seems the Freeze button does grab a bit on rebound after you push it. I took the module out and inspected the button closely, pulled it out a bit and reinstalled it. Powers up normally, now I’m just afraid to freeze any input now, lol.

Able to cycle trhrough the different modes just right as well so looks like all is well.

Thank you very much … glad to be part of the MI community … great modules!