New track with Shruthis and other DIY stuff plus Moog Sub Phatty


Nice syncopation. Also, are you sure you used any digital gear in making that track. :wink:

Thanks, audiohoarder! I like that too :slight_smile:

As for digital gear, no, unless you consider the Shruthi digital. And of course I’m recording to disc so all the analog audio gets digitized. But since I have pretty great ADCs (on the UAudio Apollo) it sounds pretty good. Also, I master through Harrison MixBus to give a little (emulated) tape compression/warmth.

The track was built using a MIDIAlf for the sequence, an LXR for drums, a Moog SubPhatty for the middle synth, and an SMR Shruthi on the left channel and a Midnight on the right.

EDIT BTW, I love the MIDIALf!

I was pretty sure the LXR was digital? It wouldn’t be the first time I was wrong.
Also, I wasn’t dissing the Shruthi for its digital side, that is what makes it great.

The LXR is VA…

Right, VA. Did I say I love the MIDIAlf?

If you love it so much why don’t you marry it?