New Track Sample/Preview

Something I was working on today. I thought you guys might be interested because there’s two Shruthis in sound-cycling mode. I took a DSP and a Dual-SVF, connected them, dialed in what I wanted and then set them each to a different sound cycling mode. Then I fed the results into the L/R input channels of the Oto Biscuit to glitch them up even further. Sounds cool I think! I know it’s not the way it was intended to be used, but hey…

The bass is the Der Oto, the keys/pads are from a Prophet 08.


That’s great, nice groove. I need to learn more about the Oto Biscuit.


Thanks Randy!

The sound cycling created a neat call and response thing, I think by feeding them both the same midi but using different cycle bars. I really like that feature! Actually I like all the 0.96 additions. Awesome stuff.