New to Shruthi: which filter?

Hi there, I’m in discussions with a trusted Shruthi builder and he’s willing to fit any of the alternate filters at no extra cost. This seems like a good opportunity to get something special, but as a newcomer I’m already quite daunted by the minimalistic interface of the Shruthi so maybe something like the dual SVF is a bad choice due to complexity. Currently leaning towards the 4PM but I’d appreciate any input. I already own an MS20 so the polivoks is out. Going to use this mainly for melodies/bass/arps but also keen to get into the sonic weirdness/morphing soundscape/drone territory. What would you guys suggest that balances a wealth of features, sound quality and ease of use? Here are his descriptions of the filters on offer:

SMR 4 - Classic round bass type of sound - Good for bass
4 Pole - More sqeulchy,liquid lots of resonance
SVF sits between the two
LP2/Delay has a low fi delay effect - same as SVF when Delay is turned off
Polivoks is ruff and can be driven hard - aggresive, distorted etc
Digital is more of a low fi fx unit - experimental sounds

Thank you!

4 Pole or SVF. In terms of UI the SVF is just an extra page with the cutoff/resonance for the second filter and the choice of filter mode.

I recently got a 4PM filter and am very pleased with it. I have found that the strength of the Shruthi lies in the flexible oscillators and having several different options for filter cutoff (1pole, 2pole, 3pole, 4pole) on the 4PM is great for shaping your oscillators. As far as the resonant flavors go, I think that the MS, and wobbly modes give some very nice colorations. I do not care for the wacky mode as it saps too much volume from the signal, but even that is useful when using the notch or phaser filter configurations.
I can’t comment on the sound of the other filters as I only have the 4PM and the SSM for filters. I will say that if you like having the separate high and low pass filters of the MS20 that the SVF may be a great match for you because it is the only Shruthi board with two simultaneous filters.
Also, the Shruthi interface is very easy to use compared to other similar synthesizer interfaces. I never saw a reason to get an XT because of that.

I’m a little confused, Geissler - you say that you don’t want any extra complexity, and yet you’re currently leaning toward the 4PM which has the most options? That’s a bit of a contradiction.

All the alternate filters (except the TubeOhm ladder filter) have one extra page compared to the default SMR4. You have to toggle between this extra page and the default page using the S2 switch, and the LED doesn’t show which page you’re on. But you’ll get used to it quickly. Anyway, all the filters that require an extra page, have just one extra page, and no more extra UI complexity compared to each other.

>I already own an MS20 so the polivoks is out.
Just to be clear: The LP2/Delay is closer to the MS20 than any other of these filters. And the 4PM also has one resonance mode that sounds like the LP2/Delay. The Polivoks filter on the other hand, sounds more grainy than a MS20, and it sounds a little dampened in the high frequencies, especially at high resonance.

My suggestions that fit your criteria the best:

  • Simplicity: SMR4 / TubeOhm ladder are both simple low pass filters that sound great

  • sonic weirdness/morphing soundscape/drone: SVF lets you slice and dice a sound with the filters

  • Flexibility: 4PM is best if you “can’t decide” :wink:

And sooner or later you will want all of them……

+1 for @fcd72 comment :slight_smile:


Plus, it’s always nice to have the discontinued classics, even if they don’t bring anything new to the table. What you should do is treat yourself to the full mod that is the Shruthi Sound Designer’s Edition, the SDE. But, you can’t go wrong starting out with the SVF or 4pole.

You can get lots of fun outta those before you’ll fall deeper into the rabbit hole.

+1 for the SVF, though I do not have a 4P. The SVF is bouncy, rubbery, squelchy fun and has the ability to run the two filters in parallel or in series in whatever configs you like (HP and LP, BP and BP, LP and LP, etc. etc.)

+1 for the 4PM, though I don’t have the SVF. So you see, regardless of thefilterboard you get, you’ll love it :slight_smile:

And sooner or later you will want all of them……

For the use you describe, I would say these:

Jojjelito August 4: “What you should do is treat yourself to the full mod that is the Shruthi Sound Designer’s Edition, the SDE.”

Thanks for the vote of confidence Jojjelito!


Well, building leads to believing :slight_smile:

It was quick work and it makes for a fine inspiring solo voice on top of some poly or VA. I should post something to SoundCloud, but let’s just say it sits nicely on top of most synths.