New strange problem

All six of my voice cards now work. However, something strange is happening with the voice allocation. Whenever I play a note routed to Voice 1, it simultaneously activates voice 2. I can’t activate voice 2 by itself. Same with 3 and 4 in reverse - a voice routed to 4 also plays 3, but I can’t get a sound out of 3 separately. All 4 are SMR voice cards. Voices 5 and 6 work fine - they are SVF cards.

Of course, I’ve verified that all 6 voices are mapped to the same part / MIDI channel. I’m definitely puzzled here. Any ideas?


Check the AB switches on the voicecards

Jumpers on the voicecards in the right place? Or perhaps left those out altogether?

That was it! Didn’t realize the cards had switches. I switched the order of the two misbehaving cards and it completely solved the problem. I appreciate all of the unpaid tech support I’ve been getting around here :slight_smile: