New SMRL enclosure design available!

Here is the new design.


LCD opening size enlarged, left-hand mounting holes moved.
audio in knob removed from front panel, moved to back.
audio out knob repositioned for ergonomics & symmetry
button size larger
provisions for 2-layered bamboo buttons
provisions for top-panel mounting with an additional 2 screws and bamboo bracket
shruti-1 logo raster-filled
moved main board up to accommodate included 5mm bamboo spacers

Is there a way of publishing it on Ponoko so I can order it directly from them?

Yes. What I’m doing is this: The files are available if you want to grab, modify, and make your own… If you’d like to make a small donation for my efforts, I’ve added a $5 / $10 price on my single & dual design at Ponoko.

Check here.

Bamboo is not available from the germany or italy hub… Any other material that would work well with your design?

Yes. 5.2mm is the width of the natural bamboo; birch veneer should also work well. Hardboard might work, and it also might look ugly :wink:

Sorry, just looked at the materials available. Looks like it’s MDF, and it looks like there’s a .2mm difference in size. I think/hope this should be still tolerable for my dimensions. I tried to tighten up the design a little… Wish I had considered materials available elsewhere when I started.

5mm acrylic may also work. I wouldn’t expect the engraving to do much without using clear and a backlight though (hint)

Engraving on MDF doesn’t look good. Shipping from the US is $75… Hmmm… Will wait to have more things to order form them, but will definitely get one!

Perhaps I’ll have reason to ship you something else soon :wink:

Also keep in mind, if the “haloing” is bothering you it’s quickly taken care of with light sanding… though I’m not 100% sure that will save the finish on the MDF (if it’s got a top layer to it)

Looks like I can ship a package via USPS to you for about $15…

smrl Is this a kit enclosure I can order from you? Is so how? Don’t know what PONKO is, but have a similar lock togetehr kit fro teh sammichSID so I like the look.

Okay found www.ponoko, got account, bought teh plans, but now it wants me to sleect a third measurement:

wood/bambo/5.2m/p1?181mmx 181, or P2 or P3? I think its P1?

P2 i would imagine…

@sealion: you can download the EPS file and view the dimensions. It fits on a P2 panel.