New Shruti

I’m in the middle of an iteration at work so I was a bit slowed in my Shruti production for a few days.
Slowly, but surely it came together and I’ve been checking it out over the last two nights and it’s so nasty.
Despite a loose connection on the LCD fooling me into believing something went wrong my build and me panicking for a few minutes the construction went off without a hitch.
Definitely one of the easiest kits with one of the best payoffs for the effort.
It compliments my ESQm perfectly.
ESQm is a very gritty, but smooth synth and the Shruti is warm and guttural.
On the other hand, the Shruti is also several times more expressive than the ESQm straight out of the box.
I’ve already worn out the parameter knob on the vowel oscillator.

All I need now is three more just like it.

Maybe you’ll buy 3 of those

Are you the Daniel Miller as in Mute?

pichenettes - I’ll certainly buy at least one of them. No doubt there.
I’m curious to see what the replacement for the Curtis VCF is, if that’s one of the refactors.

dnigrin - Hard to be into synths and have this name and not get that from time to time, but no, unfortunately or fortunately, I am not that Daniel Miller.
That’d really be a boost–marketing-wise–for the Shruti though.

@danielMiller: New filter discussion

I know 2 Dan Millers…

No worries Daniel, if you’re a Shruti enthusiast, you’re way cooler than that other Daniel!