New shruthi with 4pole distorted sound

finally assembled a new shruthi with the 4pole filter board, but it sounds heavily distorted… the output is extremely loud! filter settings (finally) set to the right board, newest firmware, tried with different wall wart psu, no luck. any idea what might be wrong?

All resistors in the right place?

Have you installed the 1x6 header connector to connect the control board to the filter board?

@slowgroth well, i have to measure all the resistors then, right? this will take some time, but I’m going to do it, maybe this night.

@pichenettes yes. there is the 1x8 and the 1x6 connector installed.

> i have to measure all the resistors then, right?

You need to check them with the color code, because you cannot measure a resistor in-circuit.

merci, learned something again. this will be fun.

Compare with the build instructions if you can. Although it depends which way around you’ve orientated the resistors :slight_smile:


^ yeah… Exactly