New shruthi user. searching for information and case options!

Hi Guys,

I just got a shruthi, i know i’m a little late to the game, but i found this forum and hoping you guys can help me out. as i cant find the info i need elsewhere.

Firstly the shruthi has no case so to speak, so im searching for options on different casings for it? ive already been in touch with Adrian Hallik and while the metal cases are great looking they are a little above my price range right now. so looking at other options if anyone knows of any budget ones?

secondly the grub screws and spacers from between the boards are half missing. does anyone know where to obtain these? or the specific sizing and thread count so i can buy replacements?

I currently have a smr4 mk1 filter board which has had the lp2 lp4 mute, on/off, bp2/mute/bp4 modifications done. im wanting to do the fm, overdrive and the output volume mods on it too. but anytime i search for instructions google refers me to the shruthi wiki page (on mutable instruments) which seems to have been taken down. Does anyone have an archive copy of it at all? or know the ins and outs of doing these modifications?

Any help would be greatly appreciated


If you don’t have much money to spend on it I think laser-cutting an enclosure from PMM is probably the way to go. You can do that yourself if there’s a Fablab closeby or you can have it made on (or any similar online service… there’s a lot of these lately).
This should be the standard case for it: shruthi-1/standard_case.svg at master · pichenettes/shruthi-1 · GitHub

Where did you buy it?
You should be able to find them at or similar shops
This is an old BOM, which should help you to identify the parts:

hey man,

thanks for the reply, that case info is great. thanks! i think that might be the option for me.

i bought it on ebay, the listing said ( good condition, just needs a case attached) its currently in some form of 3d printed garbage thats in no way the same shape as the unit and its in very bad shape. its been used with an open case for years and has half the nuts and spacers missing.

ive identified the screws/spacers bolts on the corners holding the structure as m3 pcb standoff size? i think this is correct?

im tempted to just return it in all honesty, im just specing out how much its going to cost me to fix up before i do. as its a shame it see it in such bad shape.

You mean this Shruthi-1 SDE - Mutable Instruments' wiki ?