New Shruthi mutation : alter ragas

hi !

just wanted to code something for the Shruthi, so I made a new version of the ragas handling, on top of latest YAM :

  • There is no more silenced notes, it use unison instead (slightly detuned).
  • Added a new system parameter, raga key, used to shift the raga mapping over one octave

raga key is in options menu, near raga, and respond to CC 32.

Here is the repo :

and the .syx to update firmware :

shruthi1.syx (127.2 KB)

have fun !

Sounds cool. Could you post a video audio example?

here we go !

it’s a very simple demo : it’s one octave white key arpeggiated with one raga, then I just change the raga key from 0 to 11. quite fun to play with :slight_smile:

a new experimentation : i added a special tuning in the raga list, made from a scala file.
colundi !