New Shruthi Editor : mac / pc / standalone / vst / au (0.9.1)


I’ve just finished a v0.9 of my Shruthi Editor.
It’s a 0.9 because it can (will?) contain bugs but all features i wanted to implement are here (except the 4PM and polivoks specific control).
All info are available here (edited december 11th, new URL) :

The binaries are in the “release” tab.
It’s on github, but It’s for the moment not 100% open source, the framework and all UI components are.

Something cool it has, is that it communicates directly to the Shruthi, no midi is transfered through the DAW.
So hopefully, it makes it compatible with all DAWs and is very simple to setup.
It can control all Shruthi parameters (with a mix of CC, NRPN and Sysex) and has a full sequencer.

It’s a kind of “I trust you” license.
Try it, use it, and if it’s usefull to you, follow the paypal link in the info window (10 Euros) :slight_smile:

I let you discover it and don’t hesitate to ask questions, to make suggestions, to report bugs etc…




Thanks a lot.
Very useful and it works greatfully
It looks very nice and clear

Looks so good. Hope to find time to try it.

Very nice, thank you!!

@Xavier this is awesome. I have the 4PM filter and the Digital FX filter. I will let you know if I find any bugs. I am looking forward to the 4PM specific settings to be implemented.

This is now my favorite Shruthi editor! I love that you can resize the GUI!

  • I have a Shruthi-1 SVF with firmware v1.02. When I adjust the cutoff on the 2nd filter to a value between 63-105 (any filter mode), the sound is gone or really quiet.
  • Any sequencer changes only have effect when change the amount of steps and press push (or the other way around).
  • A preset librarian (online & offline)

Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:
It will be soon have a big brother, an version for the Ambika. After i’ll add the other shruthi filters.

Yes there’s a bug with the SVF filter. Thanks for the report.

Sequencer “Amount of steps” parameters sends and accepts midi NRPN so it can be modified in realtime.
But the Shruthi sequencer can only be updated through SYSEX. I found it a bit heavy to send full sequencer state on each change.
I may add a “Auto Push” button, that would send the sequencer every 2 or 3 seconds.


I would love to see an editor for the Ambika!

Looking forward to seeing the ambika editor as well!

My c++ skills seem to be not good enough to get mine working …

I published a new version 0.9.1.
. Several plugin instances can be opened with different devices if you have several shurthi
. SVF filter should work
. 4PM added
. Button to auto push the sequencer modification
. Lots of underlying work to share a common trunc with the ambika plugin (which is also available today BTW).

Let me know any remarks you may have, with the platform you use,



Little thing, but there’s an extra ‘n’ in ‘Resonnance’ in both Ambika and Shruthi-1 editors that you might want to remove.

Removing my sub-editor’s hat, now :wink:



Absolute newby. How do I install this editor? I am on Macbook; High Sierra and use Ableton Live 9. Many thanks. Really looking forward to this!

Drag and Drop the .component file into /Library/Audio/Plugins/Components.

Make sure you have Ableton’s AU support turned on.

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Cheers @teambanzai All up and running now!

Completely lost with this, im looking for a plugin file to download and install but its loads of files which i cant make head nor tail of, can anyone help…
for example a single AU component or VST ?