New release: Orientation

Hi Everyone,

Short story: Starting in late 2016, and throughout 2017, I made a habit of making and recording daily patches, mostly as an exercise in learning modules and patching techniques. Somewhere along the way, I set an arbitrary goal of releasing something in 2017, and this is the something. The recordings were all single takes, straight to stereo.

I just wanted to come here and share some download codes just to say thanks to the MI community. Mutable Instruments modules have changed the way I think about sound and synthesis and have reshaped how I approach music. So thank you!

Some download codes:

Some details on my system: 360 hp; primarily Mutable Instruments (Tides x2, Rings, Clouds, Peaks, Streams, Frames, Warps, Ears, Links, Kinks, Blinds, Veils), Make Noise and Mannequins modules.


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Guessed the name of two upcoming modules


You must be occupying my subconscious now!

I’ll bet on :

  • Cascades
  • Floats

and as a backup :

  • kj3a-xagg
  • nzjn-7xat
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I’m sure Olivier is being flippant here, but that notwithstanding:

Cascades = chained envelopes
Rattles = multi-percussion module
Floats = a digital version of Maths
Waits = trigger or audio delay lines
Shivers = a glitchy thing
Tenses = a play on tensors, a multi-dimensional vector sequencer?
Rests = a complex clocking module that adds rhythm
Looms = chord progression/counterpoint sequencer
Lifts = voltage offset utility module


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I might have speculated, but used that time to order the cassette instead! Nice achievement!

Addendum- Shivers could be the new granular-type device…

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My guess would be that Rests is a module that outputs silence. Something along the lines of John Cage’s 4’33" or preferably The Best of Marcel Marceao.

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I’m enjoying this music - thanks for sharing with us!
Remember folks, download codes are generous, but if you have the means, please support the artist. Cheers!

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Received cassette in the mail today, love it!

Glad it made it to you quickly–thanks for the support!

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Thanks for the code - that´s a good one. Especially tenses is a wonderful track.

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Very much liked it.
Thanks for sharing :slight_smile: