New Release, heavily featuring Mutables

Hello folks,
I humbly share with you my latest release, “Possum Music: for the Nocturne podcast”. It’s a collection of 20 tracks across 56 minutes, composed for the KCRW podcast produced by Vanessa Lowe.

Featuring sketches, moods and music suitable for nighttime explorations, or resting or both, nearly every tracks features some beautiful sonic contribution from Mutable Instruments, so a deep gasho bow of respect and gratitude to Émilie for the wonderful tools.

I hope you’ll enjoy in good health. Stay well and safe.


Hi …Great soundcscapes !! Feel like I am somewhere else …

Thanks very much for your message - I’m glad you were transported! Mission accomplished!

All the best,

Could you please do a remix of KaHaMis? Liked it, but feels like a snippet…

Thanks for your note - I’ll consider going back to the source and expanding upon it - I like the mood also. And to your point, yes, this feels like a snippet because often scoring work is meant just to bridge one moment to another, and so the pieces can be quite short depending upon the work one is supporting.

Thanks for the explanation. Did not realise that (alltough I’ve read the description). It all sounds very nice, but this “snippet”, yes I really like it. Hopefully you will make a longer version where the “whole story will be told” :slight_smile:

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