New Product?

I have seen whisperings on twitter and flickr that there is a new mutable instruments product in the works! Am I totally out of the loop and this has been announced or am I spoiling something? From the pictures is it either a drum machine or a 303 filter, or something completely different?

Yes I am working on something. It is in the same state as the Shruthi in may 2010 - apparently working, some quirks in the firmware requiring serious fixes, no case, no documentation, no building instructions, no BOM, no sourcing plan, never played / programmed outside my bench. Still a long way to go!

Meanwhile, MIDIpal kits will be available in october and a new batch of Shruthi kits in november. There will be more announcements, I’ll post about that in great length within 5-10 days. It doesn’t look like so, but I’m working like crazy on many important things.

quite exiting, as I like your products alot:-D

no I am absolutely sure that you are working hard.

whenever DIY forums go silent of their creator’s presence you know that they are off working on stuff (like the WTPA forum right now!)

I’m looking forward to whatever this new creation may be, Olivier! A drum synth would be great, or a MIDI sequencer, or a ladder filter, - or even a dsp fx unit with source code I could understand!

I can smell the solder flux fumes already…

oh yeah, a drumsynth :slight_smile: haha

“…A variant of the Shruthi-1 digital board that will replace all the digital oscillators by 12-
bits sample playback from a SD card (and will probably do sampling too)…”

even more exited!
how many samples?
how long can they be?

I’m in!
I’m in :smiley:

I thought it would have been the Nunchuk MIDI controller …

> how many samples?
> how long can they be?

16 MB per sample ; 3/4 voices polyphony.

As I’ve said, this interview was done 2 months ago and the roadmap have changed inbetween. I’ll post the full update at some point in 1 week.

very cool!
16 mb is good!

any info olivier? :slight_smile:

I’m struggling with a lot of stuff at the moment, I’ll keep you updated. Please be patient. The sampler stuff is at the bottom of the priority list.

This is great news!
Im really hoping you have the time to complete this.
Could you give us an update?

Nothing new to be released at the moment. Working on many important things at the moment, but not directly connected to an actual product.