New on modular/eurorack

Hi folks,
I’ve seen differents thread about my first modular, but I think all of them are so personal.
I’ve got differents synths mostly elektron gear, and now I’d like to explore modular stuff. I’ve watched around youtube differents demos, and finally I felt in love of plaits and rings. I’m interested on generative or pseudo generative music for my first modular exploration. I guess I must start by plaits, rings and tides… but after that what else?
I’d like built a minimal setup, maybe with a 3u arturia case. Do you think is it possible built a generative Mutable Instruments like this?

Thank you so much!
P.S: I’m not english native speaker, sorry if I write mistakes :slight_smile:

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Hi !

For pseudo generative I would look at mutable marbles, music thing Turing machine ( and the expanders ) or even mutable grids ?


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It can do evolving rhythms if you modulate the X and Y position params.

It will generally produce something that sounds like a relatively conventional beat though.

May or may not be what you’re after.

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I’d recommend you Marbles for generative music. Grids is limited to rhythms, it cannot do melodies!

Instead of Plaits, Rings and Tides, consider this as a starting point: Plaits (sound source), Marbles (sequencing), Stages (modulations, modulations, modulations!) and Shades (to attenuate the LFOs or sequences from Stages).


I guess I go ahead for Marbles :slight_smile:

Wow, it’s a good start I guess. And yes, you’re right, I need modulation, modulation, modulation :smiley: .

Thanks so much.

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Agree that for generative music, Stages would be a better option than Tides. Although the stock modules aren’t being produced any longer, Clouds is a good module to add FX and texture. Also a Peaks (also not being produced but available) add a LOT of modulation and percussion capabilities in a small space. I have 3 in my rack and use at least 2 in every patch.


There is actually a mode in Marbles where you can have one “X” channel of marbles generating a melodic sequence (ie: stepped quantised cv) and the other two outputs generating smooth modulation (which is somewhat synchronised to the melodic sequence).

I would also add Mutable Branches, send the Marbles “Y” channel thought this to create more sparse outputs… in conjunction with links and stages you can then create melodically aligned baselines or chords etc… there are some mylarmelodies youtube videos on this sort of thing.

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Although… if you take the main trigger outputs and run them through a mixer module, and adjust the levels of the three pots, you could get a kind of 8 note binary sequencer.

Not suggesting you should, mind you. Might be an interesting way to generate CV to swap samples on a sample-player module.

Although not a MI module, I can recommend Pamela’s New Workout as a great master clock source. I setup the 8 outputs with a range of differently divided / multiplied triggers and LFOs. It’s at the heart of almost every patch I make. I use it to clock Marbles and modulate everything else.