New Old Midipal owner needs advice

I just received a Midipal and it runs on batteries fine, but what adapter should i get? Also i see user programs, how do i use those? Is there still a community around the Midipal?

Your adapter needs to have a 9V DC output, center tip positive.

how do i use those?

Generate a SysEx file using this online app, and send it to the MIDIpal to create a custom program:

Thanks for getting back to me. I looked at the online app, i will try it out when i can get my head together and know what’s what. I did get the unit working, it is pretty neat, moat useful immediately is the bpm finder, now i can know what my analog drum machine’s tempo is. I like the sequencer too, and the arps, disappointed by the scale function but oh well :blush:

Is that Krishna on the unit?

Oh, how long do 9 volts last in the unit?

Ok, so i bricked my device, it will go into debug mode? to flash it, bit after my first flash, it was missing bpm meter, so i tried reflashing it, which seemed like it completed on the desktop, but the device has a lit, blank screen and the red light is lit. I can boot it back to get flashed again, but it never reboots.

What is debug mode? What do you mean by “reflash”?

Yes, reflash :blush: i had it updated to 1.4, saw the missing app, which was working great for me, and tried to reflash it. So, it can get into reflash mode, and using Midi-ox in Windows can take the file and complete on the desktop, but the screen never shows anything further. The white light is lit, just i can see nothing on screen.

Is this be a memory issue? I’m getting no buffers available error, not enough memory. Is there a way to hard reset the device to reflash?

Please please please… It’s getting horribly confusing.

Can you confirm that you are trying to do a MIDI firmware update?

What do you mean by “memory issue”? “no buffers available error, not enough memory”? “debug mode”? What are those, where do you usually see those? The MIDIpal documentation doesn’t mention them.

Sorry, while trying to use Midi-ox, a Windows midi utility, i successfully updated my firmware to 1.4. But it was missing one file, so i tried to repeat the procedure, and now the device powers on, but nothing is shown on screen, it is lit, and the white light cones on. It can boot into firmware flashing mode, when you power on by holding down the button. I can try loading the firmware again, but now Midi-ox gives me memory errors about buffers. I think i put too much in the devices memory so the device doesn’t have the memory to run correctly. How do i get it to a state when i can successfully flash it again?

No this is not the case!

This is a problem with your MIDI interface, not with the MIDIpal. Midi-ox is not aware of what a MIDIpal is, and the MIDIpal can only store one firmware, it doesn’t have a filesystem.

So, is there a way to get the device working again?

Ok, i changed buffer settibgs in the Midi-ox app and i am able to complete the upload process with the device, it goes it goes into firmware update mode (holding button while powering on) bit it still doesn’t show anything on screen after the update has finished on the computer.

So, that’s where i am. I really would love for this to work, but i don’t know if it is possible.

Please send an email to, I’ll explain you how to return the product for repair.

Thanks, i sent an email, i really appreciate it!