New Nord Lead A1

and here are the soundcloud demos

the 3rd one sounds like JM Jarres equinoxe

That oscillator section… looks Braidish.

Yes it does. Apparently news of Braids has only reached as far North as @Jojjelito allowing their new oscillator to count as “unique”.

BTW: There was a mention of Mogwai in the “It’s all about the music, isn’t it?” thread and I subconsciously channeled it into a 15 minute post-rock epic featuring Braids on lead AND Bass guitar- talented!

I actually think people are gonna dig this one. It’s pretty unique- in the same sense the Nord Lead A1 is.

But I will say this: I might have to get a Nord one day just for the incredible action they have on those keyboards. Just, wow…

You forget how important that is until you play a couple notes on a real-deal keyboard.

What I don’t understand is what all that empty space left of the keybed is for…

It’s where the new ideas where supposed to go- ZING!

You’re here all night?

Does it have the same filter? If so . . . don’t touch the resonance….

I know Kristoffer “Kroffe” Ulves, he’s now employed as Tech support at Clavia, the KU demos are his. He’ll probably be at NAMM representing. Stop by and say hi! Incidentally he was the beta builder guy for Jon’s (Zthee’s) TTSH. Weird Stockholm scene action.

But no, I haven’t told too many peeps about Braids specifically, but there’s already lots of modular heads round these parts with Braids and Mutable gear. It keeps getting rave reviews at! I keep hoping Olivier can send moar Braids to Sweden - Our long dark winters means that we need more gear lest we have to resort to making babies.

Wednesday is EMS night! We should get some ppl from Clavia/Nord, Teenage Engineering and Elektron or Propellerheads to stop by. However, it tends to be an analog or modular focus, which means that Olivier should stop by if he can ever make the time :slight_smile: Otherwise we’ll become overrun with Arps, Serge, Buchla 259’s and old Jupiters. Save us please!

Buh dum bum CRASH!

Halp! Them muricans are going in full throttle. Guns blazing. Kroffe, take cover!

*Drones blazing

And you can thank your fellow countrymen for continuing to develop and release the Battlefield series and training our youths to kill people with a controller in their hands and not a rifle.

Haha! Went to uni with one the leads at EA too. Ages ago. We have to redeem ourselves for all the Ikea…

Meanwhile, I hope to hear lots of weird stuff after the Elektron event :slight_smile:
Also, wonder what Korg and DSI are up to? We need new stuff from them too!

I really should have gone out of my way to get a ticket to NAMM…I don’t know what I was thinking. It’s 40 damn minutes away…

But I do get to go to the Elektron party where I imagine I’ll feel a lot like I did in high school…

(which of course means I’ll bag the best looking broad in the place, make tons of friends and win prom king).

but werent you home schooled?

…yeah- by YOUR mom!

Get it? Your mother taught me math and sciences, history and English. She’s great.

Anyway. How bout them Maple Leaves? Still losing and making at lot of money I imagine.

Difference between A1 and Lead 4? Nord should have brought back the drum maps from the Lead 2 into this one…such a great feature on the NL2.