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Branches - Dual Bernoulli gate

(Repost from muff)

As the name says, it has two Bernoulli gates. What do they do? Upon receiving a trigger/gate (on the IN input), a virtual coin is tossed. Depending on the outcome, the trigger/gate is sent to OUT A or OUT B. The fun is that you can bias the coin with the potentiometer (or a CV). Fully counter-clockwise and it’ll always be routed to A; fully clockwise and it’ll always be routed to B; and everything in-between.

There is a slightly more complex alternative behaviour in which the coin toss decides between between the “stay on the same output as previously” and “switch to the other output”. Fully counter-clockwise and it stays stuck on the same output, fully clockwise and it moves back and forth between the two outputs like a 1/2 divider. At the moment the choice is set by a jumper on the back.

Not sure if I have this mass-produced (price would be in the $90-100/ 90-100€ range). I have 7 boards left that I might finish building and sell later.


awesome concept once again!

btw i wouldn’t mind buying one of your builds

Can it switch at audio rates?

I like it :slight_smile: I am always interested in math helping me make choices.

Im in for a board + panel!

PS I second rosch and fcd72, I like MI seconds/protos a lot :smiley:

This sounds like fun. Would be interesting to hear what kind of patterns these generate wired up together. Also, switching at audio rates would be very cool.

A Bernoulli Gate is quite a lot of fun to add some randomness to just about everything…

My take on this has a slightly biased Response to the Pot Setting around the middle as i found the range between 60/40 and 40/60 most interesting if you fork your Audio signals with some VCAs, and Input A is normaled to Input B, so you can have 2 decisions by plugging in just one Cable :wink:
To avoid the need for additional Envelopes you can set the outputs here to a latching mode cia a Jumper. Switching VCAs at “Audio Rates” (this one goes up to about 250 Hz) here is worse than FM, as you chop 2 Waveforms together, the Transients from the VCAs switching can get so annoying you wont hear anything from the original signal - but i know you Modularists always want everything at audio rate even if it only produces a sluggish buzz :wink:

And yes, im highly tempted to do this as a DIY Kit.

Uh? wait a minute… who was first with this? I would be in for a kit.

aha, in that case count me in. i’d also buy a board panel and mcu to spare Olivier the work. well let’s say i’ll take what i get

It started with some exchange over Ideas for Modules… this one was top score in the evening, the Morning after i mailed Oliver that the Bernoulli Gate was the Best idea i heard in a long time and that i am tempted to do it as a kit someday and he replied he already routed the beast :wink:

If you want to play with it this year get one of Oliviers incarnations. My Roadmap has this earliest for Spring 2k14

cute. but does it actually do anything you couldn’t achieve with a bunch of very basic utility modules which everybody already should have in their system anyway - something like:
noise source (a118) + s&h (a148) + offset/attenuverter/polarizer (a183-2, cv tools, shades) + vc switch (a150)?
maybe i’m missing something crucial here?

[edit:] ah, and for cv control i suppose you would need a vca. but then you should always carry loads of vcas anyway. :slight_smile:

You both used the same colours for the knobs :slight_smile:

yes indeed, these seem to be doepfer modules. i’d rather buy one highly integrated MI product than anything from Dietersche

Yes. A Bernoulli Gate is 3HP (if you consider its dual), your choice is 4 modules and 500€ :wink:
And personally im lacking a a VC Switch. . .

Yups, im laughing all the time because i didnt know until now…

@rosch, fcd: well, of course you wouldn’t get all those modules just for this purpose. each of them (or some equivalents from other manufacturers - although i personally prefer either doepfer or diy whenever possible) should be in every eurorack system anyway. they are among the essentials, i would say…

to me, that is the point of modular - that it’s modular, i.e. you patch together such complex functions out of simple modules as you need them. i don’t think i would need such an aleatoric gate every day. but when i feel like it, i’ll build one out of the building blocks in my modular system. i don’t feel that i need a dedicated module for this kind of thing.

I like the idea of this switching at audio rates. Put output one to a CV atenuverter all the way positive and output two all the way negative. It’s its own random pulse oscillator. Only being 3HP, it sounds pretty useful.

Imagine the waveforms possible if the atenuverter is controlled by an LFO or audio rate oscillator.

mine is 6 hp but its dual :wink:

@audioharder: everything is always more fun at audio rates! :smiley: