New Module Idea

Here’s an idea for a new module:

Let’s call it “Manuals”. It’s basically a large touchscreen, with an SD card slot. It operates as a PDF reader. Drop all your module manuals onto SD card, pop it in, and whenever you get stuck with a particular module, you have the manual right there, in the rack!

Kickstarter? Who’s with me?



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Oh, and it could also have a couple of CV inputs at the bottom, so you could use it as a basic signal scope.


I’m satirising my own lack of time to learn how all my fancy modules work as much as anything else, of course.

As it happens, I have been toying on and off with a (slightly less stupid) idea for a module that would use a largish touchscreen, but that’s another story.


If you have a 5U system you might be able to bolt an iPad mini to the rails :smiley:
though it lacks the most important feature: and SD slot.

I was thinking more along the lines of an RPi, with a touch screen and camera module.

The camera is so you can take selfies, bathing in the glow of the blinkenlights :wink:


But how do you take selfies with the modular if the camera is in the modular? That’s not going to work. The camera needs to be mounted on a retractile, CV-controlled selfie stick that will extend from the modular only if you make a patch that is epic enough for you to deserve a selfie.

Good point. My mind is clearly too highly-trained to have thought of that.


Is suggest it then automatically posts the selfie to instagram and facebook. A cool bonus feature would be an automatic photo album of your best patch-selfies along with machine generated patch notes for each of your masterpieces.

As for a measure to detect epic patches: It should feature a bleep/bloop/fart-noise detector with automatic filter-mouth detection

oh man… reminds me that I want a filter-mouth t-shirt!

A pdf reader with a touchscreen would actually be a great firmware easter egg in a module like 1010 Music’s Bit Box.

Well maybe just a website with very clear manuals for every module in a standard format? With a good mobile view option?