New modular track! And guess what drum machine was used


How on earth did you get the Tom Cat to sound like that? I like the TC because when you turn the “maul” up the signal is comfortable going into a modular. But honestly I was never able to get a tuned bassline out of it. Also, it seems like have the tone control knobs do nothing. Would love any tips to get more out of it.


Thanks! :upside_down_face: It sounds a lot like this on its own in my opinion but I also recorded each part separately and added some effects (like a reverb on the huge snare/noise burst).

Well actually the “space tom” part can be tonally sequenced. Hold the step and turn the tempo knob. :octopus:


Ah, that makes sense, I just program it in the machine and then send it a clock.
This is how the TomCat ends up in most of my tracks. It’s the extra-crunchy drum sounds

additional cleaner percussion provided by DPO and Peaks.


Playful stuff! :dog2: