New modular track! And guess what drum machine was used


A wee bit harder to chew than the two latest tracks that I posted. Some dissonance, a bit off beat in places and “creatively” mixed.

I hope you like it anyway! I do. :monkey: But all comments, positive or negative, are highly appreciated.

The generated melody comes from my 0-coast, the hand chased melody comes from my Minilogue, the background ambience and the plucky bell sound comes from Rings (of course :heart_eyes:).

But who’s the drummer? The first correct answer will be rewarded with a pineapple.


The song definitely makes me think of a procession somewhere in Peru, albeit I could be wrong since I’ve never been there, hence I could not guess the drum machine.


Anushri is my guess at the drum machine. :slight_smile:


Yeah, definitely sounds like Anushri. Cool tune, fun and well put together.


Hehe, I like the Peru connection. :peru: It’s not obvious to me. :monkey:


Cool! Never heard of Anushri, actually. :see_no_evil:

New clue: The drum machine in this track is analog.


my guess is a Tempest… But i actually haven’t got a clue and i was just listening to a lot of contemporary drum machines to check… I just want that pineapple and i really want to know what drum machine it is because it sounds great.


No idea about drum machine, sounds great though and the track is lovely.


Thanks! I’m so happy that you guys like it. :deer:

Good suggestion but alas not correct. :sob: :kissing_smiling_eyes:

Final clue: the bassline is also made with the same drum machine. :thinking:


Analog rytm?


Novation circuit?


Rhythm wolf, Drum Brute?


I’d guess either a Plonk or Basimilus Iteritas.


Many good suggestions but it’s time to reveal the truth:

Yep, Akai Tom Cat. :scream:

Everybody seems to hate it, possibly because they connect it to the Rhythm Wolf. However, it’s cheap, full size, analog, has its own sound and quirks. Future classic? I don’t know, but I’m betting it will cost more used 10 years from now than it costs new today.


I checked demos of the Tom cat but couldn’t find anything that sounds similar what you did with it.
I’ll have to check one out.


After hearing it wasn’t Anushri, I was going to guess one of the Akai machines, but couldn’t remember which was which. I just looked up the Tom Cat, and it looks like a solid device. My favorite part is the switch in the envelope that sets it to either “pew” (positive amount), or “woop” (negative amount) - definitely good for beginners just getting into synthesis. Plus, it’s just plain memorable.


You should. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah, that is some fun, clever naming. :wink: I laughed about the “Space Tom” part before I got my Tom Cat but now that I’ve used it for a while I find it to be really useful. Not as a tom but as a kick drum and as a bass synth.


they are already impossible to find.


Oh, really? I didn’t know that. I bought mine a year ago.

EDIT: Where do you live? I just checked and found it on (really expensive, though, about twice what I paid) and in a small swedish webshop for about 180 euros:


i’m in the Netherlands… didn’t find a shop that still has them here. And they don’t show up second hand. I don’t think that any are sold here.