New Modular 500 series DIY kit - Colour Modular Analog Saturator

Ive been meaning to post this for you guys - its a new “platform” in the 500 series - its called Colours. Now each colour has three slots on the PCB to plug in different saturation modules.
The first three that are being released by Peterson Goodwyn from DIYRe (excellent resource in its own right with thousands (Hundreds? - a lot of projects listed with links ect) the first three are :
Iron - custom Cinemag transformer
FeT- Fet saturation
And my fav - 15 IPS with HPF tape emu.
But whats really exiting is that its open source and people are encouraged to make, design and sell their own designs or Colours.
Theres demo files on the site. Realy interessted to see what you guys think and if any ideas spring to mind.

Check out the pricing. Good lord this has SO much potential.


Looks good!

Looks more like droolworthy to me, especially with the palette + 3 primary colours kit being just $175 pre-order price


Heres a link for a how to to make your own “colour” they are also going to do a rack version if 500 series doesnt interest you or your not already invested in the format - with the talent here ID love to see what you guys come up with - I have one that Im working on - its pretty wacky so mums the word at the mo

Ooh! Now that IS interesting, especially after I spent so much time adding the various Sound Designer Edition features to my Shruthi

Link here if you don’t know what I’m talking about

Thanks for the link Dogma!


…and I’ve just discovered a photo I hadn’t spotted before, showing three in-progress ‘colour’ boards to prove just how simple they can be:


so anyone dreamed up their own colour?

Looks awesome, I love saturation. :slight_smile: How deep is the module?
Edit: Oh thought it would be eurorack…

This is awesome! Does anyone have good sources for a DIY or affordable case/PSU or rack mount to get started with 500 series stuff? I have come across a few things but don’t quite have my head wrapped around all of it.